Thursday, October 20, 2016

Autumn: The Magic Hour

              Fall has yet to show itself here in Cali. We have had cool mornings and breezy days, but nothing that sends that chill down your spine and has you running for your coziest sweater. I am not expecting a New England fall by any means, but highs in the mid nineties is down right discouraging. So for now I can only dream, and be inspired by images of fall and hope the weather takes a change soon. 

     Hope these images inspire you to dream... 

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

3 Little Projects

         Right now we are not tackling any BIG home projects, but that does not mean I have not been a busy bee. I left SC with a to do list and have been trying to complete it here in Cali. A dear friend gifted us a kids table and chairs that were well loved and used by her little boy. I had plans to revamp it and make it a bit more feminine for Payton, but still a bit neutral for future use. 

     It is a simple table with two yellow chairs and two red chairs and a royal blue table with matching frame. It took me a while to narrow down material and colors. I knew I wanted an oil cloth in a relatively simple classic pattern. I found this on Amazon and it is sold by the yard with free shipping so it was a perfect fit. I decided to paint the chairs Krylon's Catalina Mist in satin. The four chairs took four cans of paint to cover up the bold primary colors.

     I chose to work with the royal blue frame and not to paint it a different color. I found the matching color to spruce it up and cover some of the dings and nicks. 

       Second project was one of contention with my hubby. We have this decorative framed wall addition in our dinning room that he is not a fan of. I personally am not "in love" with it, but can live with it and wanted a stab at trying to make it work for us. I figured if it was an epic fail we can just rip it out, but that would include new dry wall, paint, and a lot of hassle. 

          I used basic chalk paint and needed two coats to completely cover everything. The items on the wall I collected from several different places and I really enjoy the ability change things up at any time. 


(Other items:  the three pots I found at Joann's, the basket they are sitting in I got in Japan, 
but have seen many like it at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Target) 

         Finally, I have these side stools I found at Home Goods four years ago and I used them pretty much in every room in our South Carolina home. They are versatile can be used as extra seating, foot stools, table, and can be easily moved out of the way for those impromptu dance parties. What was not working for me was the material it was hard to keep clean and over the years had a dinginess to it. Not to mention once we had a toddler game over! 
        So recovering them seemed a good option. I knew I wanted a warm, buttery, cognac faux leather, but I really did have a hard time trying to find what I was envisioning. I went to Joann's, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, online shopping at Amazon,, and finally found what I was looking for on Etsy. Love the color, it is very easy to work with supple, its eco friendly faux upholstery leather so can really be used in so many ways. 

I only needed one yard for both stools and had a good amount left over.
These were my tools, and despite it being a bit tedious at times, and project itself is very basic and easy. 
Corners were the hardest part, not super happy at the way mine came out,
 but you got to throw in your towel at some point. 
This room is still a work in progress, pics on the back wall, and needing some lamps, but getting there. 

      ... Now on to more projects! 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Etsy Finds

         To those who know me it is not a surprise I love to shop! After living overseas, and becoming a mom my online shopping skills are honed in. Even though I enjoy getting out, kid free, and shopping solo for a few hours that really only happens once and a while. So my main perusal method is online when I can carve out some time usually my kids nap or bed time. 
       So I thought I would share a quick post on my most recent and loved purchases from Etsy. 

      * CascadeIronCo - I did a good amount of online shopping to find these iron brackets for open shelving. Great quality, sturdy, shipped on time, I would absolutely use this product again and am actually thinking of using this in our kitchen redo. 

      * BittyandBoho - I am currently in the "baby" season of life where at some point someone I know and love is welcoming a little bundle of joy into their lives. Thus, I'm always on the look out for cute items to gift to the expectant parents. Love the unique saying and graphics! Shipping was speedy and packaging super cute! 

     * floralandfern - So this is a more personal referral my dear friend has a very precious shop with to die for little girl head bands.  

             These head bands are soft and because they have the nylon band it grows with the little ones head and does not leave marks on their precious noggins. She just released her fall colors, LOVE!!! and about to order some more for friends, family, and myself. Also, for all my Texas A&M friends this maroon & white is for us! since football season is coming up. WHOOP! 

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