Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby's New Crib

Baby's New Crib 

              Its taken some time, but 99% finished with our baby girl's room and feel super relieved about it. There are still some small additions I have in mind, but I have a feeling I will be adding and tweaking things for some time to come. I did not adhere to any kind of definite theme more of a eclectic, anthropologie inspired vibe. 
          There are aspects that are old, new, gifted, and blue and I like the fact that I was not painted into a corner by using a narrow set of colors or theme. This is totally my preference I know others find more beauty in a cleaner, more "put together" look and I have also seen some stellar examples of this type of style. For me the more defined my style the more frustrating it is for me because I will search and search for just the right color or look, and end up sucking out the pure joy and freedom of discovery. 

Our crib we did a bunch of research, and ended up going with this Hudson. We ordered it through Amazon and it came quickly and we had no problems putting it together. It is a mid-range crib good quality and reasonably priced.
We found the dresser at a cute shop in Savannah
The rocker we found at babies r us and the foot poof I found at Target
As you can see thee are some empty frames that I am wanting to fill of pictures of Payton once she gets here. 

My quilt was made by a wonderful friend, Dulcy White, including the sheets and changing cover.

       This has been a joy to put together and love sharing it with y'all. I hope this will be a wonderful environment for our little girl to grow and thrive in. 

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dressing the Bump

It is hard to find a good balance between fashion and comfort when dressing your pregnancy body. I understand the desire NO.. basic need to be functional and with all the body changes, hot flashes, bump growth and such. Here are some looks that might inspire you and help you get through the moments when you start considering sweats and a t-shirt as the pinnacle of your fashion arsenal. 

My Personal Tips 
* Figure out your needs: Are you mostly in a work place environment, stay at home mom or worker, working out a lot, are you in meetings most of the time or chilling at the park or coffee shop (drinking decaf of course). This will defiantly drive what outfits are most practical for you.  

* I tend to lean towards neutrals and bring in pops of color with accessories that I already own.  A grey v-neck t-shirt can carry you a long way wither it is under a blazer, or paired with a comfy maxi.

Places to Shop 
     * Old Navy, Gap, Target give great options especially when you are being $ conscious and trying to build up your basics. 
      * Loft Maternity is a bit more expensive, but would be a good resource for some of the investment pieces, and if you are looking for an outfit for an event like a wedding or graduation.
       * Asos, Pink Blush Maternity, are some other sights that have some cute items for you to check out. 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweet Frills

We are so very excited to welcome our little girl into the world in a few weeks and am not too shy to say I will find great joy in dressing her up. Here are some looks I love and can't wait to see her in them. 

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