Saturday, July 19, 2014

Me Time

          Being a new mom these days I find myself daydreaming about free time and mourning the "me time" I use to enjoy copious amounts of. I treasure my precious baby girl and feel blessed to witness all of her nuances and to see the miracle of life and growth in her. 
   It has got me thinking about what a couple of free hours to refresh my spirits would look like. I love cafes, flower shops, old book stores, farmers markets, antique shops, and boutiques. The ambiance of these venues allows me to unwind and tap into my creative side. 

I feel like I could sit at this window for hours after getting a great mystery novel from the shop next store... and of course a latte 

    Maybe the brevity of personal time these days will actually allow me to appreciate the moments I do get and really soak in my environment, and tap into my creative side.   SINCERELY,
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beautiful Textiles

          I have to admit an addiction to prints, textiles, colors, texture... all of these words get me excited to create. I could get lost among fabrics and prints wither they cover your favorite comfy chair, a throw gracing your bed, or a wonderfully breeze dress that fits perfectly. 

Black &White patterns though simple can be 
combined in a way that is intriguing. 

Love the mixture of colors and textures 

         The above colors and patterns makes me want to travel, see the world, eat, drink, and SHOP! The creativity of the designers, and the talent of the weavers, and artisans astounds me and inspires me. 
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