Sunday, February 26, 2017

Home Reno Update

  So far.... things have been moving pretty steady on the home updates. We purchased our home on moving out here to California and we knew it was going to be a commitment and needed some TLC. 
  I have not been on top of the ball as far as keeping our renovations posted so I'm going to try and give an idea of where we started and where were at now. 

The flooring we chose and really like it!

     Our first major project we tackled was all the down stairs flooring in November. My fabulous in-laws can into town and helped tremendously. 

    It took us about 7 days to complete the large living areas, kitchen, laundry room, stair case, and closet. We also had to redo the whole down stairs base boards. There were two different sizes throughout the house and so we made them all cohesive. 

   Another project we tackled was the fire place. Painted the brick, added the ship-lap and will eventually replace the actual glass face of the fire place. 

   There are a couple of smaller projects we have been working on during the months of January and February one of which is our dinning side table that use to be our master dresser. 

  We sanded, added legs to raise it, added new drawer pulls, and removed the middle two drawers so there is an open space to display items. 

    Used Obsidian Glass on the dresser SW and I actually used the color Time and Space SW on the fire place. I found the brushed nickel pulls at home depot they are apart of the Martha Stewart collection. 

       Right now were working on the upstairs landing it was all carpeted and we needed to have an external trim put on since it was a curved overhang. Once we did that we were able to put the same flooring in as we have upstairs. 

      We still need to put in the transitions, and the baseboards to match the downstairs. We are also going to have a carpenter come out and match the thicker side trim below the railings on the right side and do it on the left along the curve. 

       Wowzers! it seems like a lot!, but was accomplished little by little over a four month time frame and were still working on it. I'm really enjoying what we have been allowed to accomplish, but at the same time feeling a bit daunted by what we are wanting to accomplish. Next two months are budgeted for working on our front and back yards.... guys right now we have just dirt and weeds so I am excited about it! 
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