Monday, March 31, 2014

Doing Something Good

        I have been recently introduced to a wonderful organization whose mission is simple, but profound. Sole Hope is an organization that saw a huge need in Uganda and did something about it. There is an epidemic that runs rampant especially among children in subtropical countries it is called jiggers. This is a flea that burrows into the feet of their carriers and lay eggs that become infected and cause serious pain. The egg sac can be removed and the area treated, but unless the problem receives a permanent solution it will keep happening again and again. 

Sole Hope has met this challenge by organizing teams to go into Uganda and clean out these little ones feet, and then provide them with shoes to prevent further infection. This is where you can help. You can get a bunch of friends and family together and throw a shoe making party! It is simple, fun, and a practical hands on approach to helping those in need. 

Above is a link to how to plan your party and the tools you will need to be successful. Items include ...
  • Blue jeans – They can get them from their closets or purchase a very cheap pair from Goodwill!
  • Fabric scissors and Pinking Shears
  • Large Safety pins
  • Black sharpie markers
  • Plastic – items such as milk jugs, thin plastic folders, laundry detergent bottles, 2 liter soda bottles, etc.
  • A 10.00 donation to sponsor a pair of shoes. (I also always make it clear that if they can’t donate the 10.00 I still want them to come, because they are ministering with their time!)
Below is the link to Sole Hope where you can learn more and see all the wonderful effective things that are being done to bring health and happiness to so many little feet! 

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