Saturday, August 31, 2013


      I know the use of metallics in decor or fashion is nothing new and certainly not a stop the presses moment, but for me it has become a small obsession. When I find something that I love I tend to see it everywhere I look and I feel like it jumps out at me when I am shopping. This has been my experience lately with anything metallic and shinny. I know sometimes you can get in a color rut when decorating and before you know it you have blocked yourself into a very strict pallet. Metallics can be your escape hatch they bring a neutral element that will not disrupt your decor and in fact will bring class, and diversity to your home. Feel free to use these shinny elements in side tables, lamps, frames, and just about anything that strikes your fancy.
      Decorating with metallics does not necessarily mean you must go out and purchase new items for your home.  You can easily up-cycle a piece by spray painting with metallic paints, or finding a wonderful piece at an estate sale or goodwill that could use some extra love.

West Elm stool

   Don't feel timid about mixing metals either, you might find a gold side table and some antiqued silver lamps you absolutely love do not stress about choosing one over the other. Another benefit of using metallics in your home is that they are reflective and provide very much the same benefit as mirrors do in opening up a room and providing a light and airy element that might be just what your home needs. Just remember like with every good thing make sure it is in moderation and does not throw off the balance of your home.

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