Friday, August 30, 2013

The Emerald City

    While moving from over seas to the states is a daunting task it does come with its perks as well. Flying back from Japan my husband and I took a four day vacation in Seattle. We have flown through it many times, and are quite familiar with the airport, but were itching to get out and explore the city. I have long had a desire to go to Seattle and be surrounded by so much lush greenery, the shops, the food, and lets not kid ourselves the coffee. I must say I was not in the least bit disappointed by our time there and would go back in a heart beat. Surprisingly enough it did not rain once while we were there, and the weather was cool and sunny. 

Our first morning there we got up really early, could be due to the jet lag, and went down to Pikes Market. On the way we came across this wonderful cafe The Crumpet Shop
They offered organic options for both food and drinks, they had vegetarian selection, sweet items, and plenty of protein options. My husband and I both found something to our taste in the same place which does not always happen. It has a very casual vibe, and a place where you saw several locals hanging around.
We stayed in the lovely Hotel Monaco it was central to the downtown area and only a few blocks from Pikes Market.  

could of spend the whole day at the market just people watching

   I can't finish a travel post without mentioning a shop that I absolutely fell in love with. Watson Kennedy Shop is full of home decor inspiration it ha something for everyone. The London times said "His passion for the art of display makes this Seattle original a browser's heaven."  
It is a must see and I know for me if I ever get the change to go back to Seattle I will undoubtedly make a return visit to this shop. 

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