Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Get Away

      The Williams have pitched our "short term" tent in Fallbrook, Ca since the beginning of June.  Despite the situation not being ideal the location really is a huge blessing. We were able to find a lovely tucked away airbnb in the hills of Fallbrook. The owners are an "more mature" couple who have graciously opened their one bedroom detached mother-in-law cottage to us. 
   We have use of our own living space, kitchen, laundry facilities, outdoor dining, and pool area. What made this place attractive to us is they had several weeks in a row open for renting so we would not have to move around a lot. Also, they are working with our flex closing date so we won't have to move to another place before we move in to our Temecula home. Sweet peeps! 

      Fallbrook is a smaller community, but can boast of some really lovely hidden treasures that Payton and I visit on a weekly basis. We love going to Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery.  It is literally 5 minutes down the road from us and is truly such a tucked away treasure. It is a gardeners inspiration and Payton loves walking around the grounds and feeding the goats! Even though it will be a 20 minute from where we will be living I'm still planning on coming to buy some of my plants, and just to hang out and enjoy the gardens.  
     According to one of the employees they decorate for the fall with pumpkins and go all out for Christmas with real trees, and fake snow... defiantly will be checking that out

Out the back of the store, which is super cute!,
they have an area where you can build and buy your own fairy gardens.
This would make a super cute date for Payton she loves going back there
and arranging the fairy homes and furniture. 

         The nursery is also right next to a local park that we visit regularly, Live Oak Park . We usually go there for the play area, but there is plenty of shaded pavilions, and eating areas as well as across the road a designated enclosed dog park. 
        You know when you have those mornings when the sooner you can get out of the house the better for all involved, well on those days Payton and I go to Fallbrook Coffee Company. They use fair trade coffee and their net proceeds to back to supporting the Fallbrook community. Its a relaxing, local shop with great coffee and food. Payton loves watching the fish that they have in their out door fountain area. 
Other places we loved to eat  ... Oink and Moo 
                                                   Fire House Que and Brew 
                                                                             Vince's Pizza 

I have no doubt there are plenty more hidden gems in Fallbrook we spent a lot of our day in Temecula with house hunting and general errands that we were not able to do more in-depth  searching of Fallbrook. 


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