Monday, July 18, 2016

Kitchen Dreams

       Lately my mind has been spinning and twirling with DIY ideas. Most of the homes we have looked at and considered all need some form of upgrade and several projects would be required.
    Kitchens are one of the bigger endeavors you can tackle in a home upgrade. So many connecting elements that need to flow and compliment as well as being practical and usable. For most families the kitchen is the heart of their living, laughing, and memory making.  
    First order would be to figure out the layout you want/ or have to work with, and then what elements can you keep, reuse, or need to replace. 
     For now I am left to dream about all the possibilities and wait till I have an actual kitchen to work with. When we get into a home I'll post all our improvements we tackle in hopes some of my leg work, mistakes, and ideas will make it easier on someone else trying to do the same. 

.... I'll leave you with some images that inspire me.... 

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