Thursday, July 7, 2016

From Coast to Coast

       Well its been a LONG time since I have written, (like 2014...) and life has been busy, but I am trying to rededicate a portion of my time to blogging more. If nothing else to keep friends and family up to date on our crazy life.

       Location, Location, Location - good place to start! 
    We have moved from Beaufort, Sc to Pendleton, Ca. In all honesty we are still moving.... since we have not landed in a home yet in California. Because of the constant shuffle from place to place I still do not feel like I have fully processed our move from Beaufort. I do know that I deeply miss our friends, church, and community there. Other military friends and people who move often can sympathize with the emotional drain it takes on you building friendships, memories, and connecting your lives to those around you just to have that taken away and to start all over again. 

       BUT on a more positive note if we never moved to Beaufort we would never of made those sweet friendships, grown spiritually, and have the community there who stood beside us and walked with us through life and our entry into parenthood. 

 So as we are  just beginning our time here in California I want to start by remembering our final week in South Carolina. 

The last week was super busy, Greg was finishing his last series with 3rd Battalion. Graduation on Friday - Movers coming on Monday .... EEK  

Our Beaufort home all packed up, We were blessed by amazing owners who were such great people to rent from and a lovely home to make memories and bring our baby home to. 

During our last week P and I were blessed to spend our last play date
 with amazing friends at Fripp Island!

On the Road!!! We drove from Sc to TX our first BIG drive with little bit.
She did amazing!! really, super surprised! we cut the div in half stopping overnight with great friends in Alabama.

We were also on a tight time frame because we had to be in TX by early May
because Greg was graduating from Texas A&M with his Masters.
Shout out to a brilliant, hard working guy who rocked his final presentation!
Love all he does to provide for us and grow as a person. 


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