Monday, July 11, 2016

The journey is half the fun!

South Carolina > Texas 

      I tend to just want to rush through the journey and hurry up and get to the destination. Even though that is my default setting I have learned, multiple times, that some of the sweetest experiences, best memories, and ah-ha moments happen during the journey. 
     This particular PCS began in early May going from Beaufort to Texas where we spent most of the month of May with family. 
    We were blessed to spend some time in Dallas with the Whites!! dear military friends who were stationed with us in Japan... and fellow Texans. It was such a sweet time and good for the soul. 

Mr. Jack being a gentleman and driving the lady around 

.... AND who am I kidding of course we went from Dallas to San Antonio via Waco... 

 Our little gal turned 2 when we were in TX so we got a rare opportunity to celebrate with both sides of the family and Paytons' birthday got extended over 2 weeks .... she did not mind especially if she got double the cup cakes. 

      Also, its soooo nice to be around family especially when you get to go out on a real date! like not an anniversary, birthday date like a real, just cuz, date. We went to Whiskey Cake in San Antonio, recommended by the sis-in-law, it was amazing! totally recommend. 
     Get the whiskey cake! it was life changing... or maybe just eating a wonderful dessert with out a toddler was amazing. Either way it was divine.
Also, found this recipe on Pinterest for a copy whiskey cake recipe so once we settle down
I will attempt to
make it and let ya'll know how it is. 

        Sadly I did not take nearly as many pictures of all the time we spend with grandparents,Uncles & Aunts, and cousins. But we loved every moment! and miss being with everyone and seeing them daily. Come visit!!!  

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