Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Golden State

           We have been in Cali going on seven weeks now and living in our second airbnb. Our first 10 days my parents come out with us, my Dad driving with Greg, and the ladies flew. Driving from Sc to Tx with a two year old was enough for me flying the second leg of the trip was a life saver! We were able to snag a quaint cottage in Oceanside, Ca about a block over from the beach. 
    Despite having our house hunting hats on and being laser focused we were still able to relaxing to the sound of the waves and enjoy the ocean breezes. It was such a blessing to have my parents for the time that we did. As a mom I define luxury so differently now, while my mom was with us she made me coffee in the morning and breakfast! WHAT!!! it was like a warm blanket and on par with an uninterrupted great nights sleep. 

   Our time in Oceanside seems like a life time ago, but it was sweet and filled with wonderful memories. When we were not house hunting we ate at several great restaurants and the farmers market on Thursday morning is worth a stroll through. 

We were also able to go to Birch aquarium and La Jolla beach to see the seals


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