Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunny Mondays

    I know Mondays can be rough and daunting because it is the day of the week when it seems like everything gets put on your plate at once and you have a view of the upcoming week and it looks insurmountable. Well, cheer up and maybe thinking about something bright and colorful might do the trick.

   We have already discussed the transition from summer to fall, and one of the colors that you can continue to use and incorporate is yellow. It can range from light, sunny tones to rich, mustard autumn tones. You can use it as the main focus of your outfit or your home or just the right pop of color to set off some of the darker tones that are used consistently in the autumn months. Whatever you decide you really can't go wrong and I personally feel this color can bring that extra "thing" to your look. 


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